The King's Karpool

Daily – Winner chosen at 1:00pm

Gather three friends and decorate your car with a Renaissance theme! Once your car is decorated, post a photo of it with the four (or more) of you across social media. Include the hashtag #KingsKarpool on the post as well as on the car! Begin your quest to the Renaissance Festival where winning cars will be announced on social media by 1pm daily.

Prizes include:

FREE Tickets

Tickets to the 2016 Trail of Terror

Tickets for the Castle Escape

Restaurant Gift Cards

Theater Tickets

Renaissance T-Shirts

Renaissance Mugs

…and more!

7 Weeks of Giving

Minnesota Renaissance Festival is proud to partner with local charities for 7 Weeks of Giving! Each weekend the Renaissance Festival will partner with a Minnesota Charity to give back to our community! Donations can be made at the box office. 

Throne of Swords

Are you the rightful King? Take a seat on the Throne of Swords to claim your destiny or meet your untimely doom. Interact with storied characters from the great houses of the Realm and take a fantasy portrait that will live on for the ages. 

Daily - FREE admission

Ménage a Trois Wine Bar

Come take a step into the wine country! This secluded spot offers music and entertainment for your enjoyment while sipping on exclusive wines!

Vikings Encampment

Learn what it takes to be a Viking by visiting the Viking’s encampment in the village. Learn about their lives though Norse sagas, songs, craftsmanship and trading, fun games, and weapon demonstrations!  Skol!

50 Free Family Activities

Bring your whole family to the festival to experience the magic! Some of the activities include pirate hat and fairy wand making, watching the children’s knighting ceremony, the Grand March Parade, maypole dancing, meet & greet with entertainers, visiting the petting zoo, and more! 

Wizard’s Flight School Zip Line

Aspiring wizards will take flight on our fully operational zip line course! Learn to fly and soar over the heads of your friends and family while you experience the Renaissance from above. 

Price TBD

Whiskey or Scotch Tastings

Pick the day and pick your poison! Whiskey tastings will be held on August 20, September 3, 17 and 24. Scotch tastings will be held on August 27, September 10 and October 1.

 $45 a person

>> Purchase Tickets Here <<

Craft Cocktails

Our new cocktails include favorites like Margaritas, Pirate Booty Rum Punch, Sparkling Gin, Tropical Island Punch and a full service Bloody Mary Bar!

Bust Duster Bingo

Bingo! Brunch! Bloody’s! Come play bingo with the Bust Dusters for a chance to win prizes!

>> Purchase Tickets Here <<

Stary Olsa

STARY OLSA is a medieval Belarusian music band. It was founded in 1999 by its present leader Zmicier Sasno?ski and now consists of six musicians. It takes its name from a brook in the west part of Mahilio? Region (Belarus).

The band's repertoire includes Belarusian folk balladry and martial songs, Belarusian national dances, works of Belarusian Renaissance composers, compositions from Belarusian aulic music collections (e.g. Polack NotebookVilnia Notebook), Belarusian canticles of the 16th - early 17th centuries, as well as European popular melodies of the Middle Ages and Renascence.

The band's music makes it possible to restore sounds of many forgotten instruments. STARY OLSA uses for its performances maximal exact (in appearance, technology and materials) copies of old aged Belarusian instruments such as Belarusian bagpipe, lyre, gusli (Baltic psaltery) , svirel (reed pipe), jew's-harp, ocarina, Belarusian trumpet, birch bark trumpet, hudok (Belarusian rebec), tromba marina and drums.

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