Family Friendly Activities

Fairywing Forest

Welcome to Fairywing Forest! Our fae community includes gnomes, pixies, trolls, brownies, leprechauns, fairies, & more. The fae ambassadors, envoys, and emissaries are gathering here in Fairywing Forest for the annual Fae Coterie Circle Council, which happens to coincide with the human Festival.

The fae representatives will meet in a traditional fairy ring to discuss their concerns, resolve disputes, and plan their celebrations.

All of the fae in Fairywing Forest are friendly to humans. They are using much of their alchemy and spells to allow the humans to see them, to be big enough to chat and play with the humans, and to maintain an energy boundary to protect humans during their Festival from the more cantankerous, mischievous, and invisible fae spirits.

The fae of Fairywing Forest welcome all their visitors, especially those who feel a kinship with them. Come and join the fae as we gambol and play!

Children’s Costume Contest

Lads and lassies can compete in a Renaissance Costume Contest. Children 12 & under are welcome to participate in this fun daily event for prizes!

Mermaid Cove

Explore the magical waters of Mermaid Cove and meet our merfolk! Watch as they dive, flip, and twirl majestically in the water. If you’re lucky, they may even share a token of their magic with you.

Children’s Knighting Ceremony

Children can receive the highest badge of honor by being knighted by the King and his Royal Court! Held daily at 3:30pm on the King’s Arbor Stage.

Clover Cottage

Welcome to Ballina, the Celtic Cottage! Come visit the O’Brennan family & friends as we celebrate the harvest festival. Enjoy traditional Irish music, storytelling, and shenanigans at the oldest living history setting within our faire setting!

Herpetological House

Immerse yourself in the wonders of reptiles! These slithering creatures aren’t so scary after all. Visit the Herpetological House for a close-up and in-person looks at these super cool creatures!


Watch live armored jousting every day at 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm at the Joust Track!

Meet the King & Queen

Relive history and meet King Henry and Queen Elizabeth at the Festival!

Juggling School

Learn how to be a juggling master at the Juggling School!

Wishing Well

Drop a coin and make your dreams come true! We are proud partners with the Angel Foundation to support families with cancer.


Watch the Royal Court and other Festival Entertainers joyously greet all Festival Goers in this daily parade at 1:00pm!

Viking Encampment

Explore the rich Scandinavian heritage & history of our very own Vikings! Find your inner Viking by learning Norse sagas, songs, games, crafts, weapons demonstrations, & shield walls. Skol!

The Princess Court At The Palace Garden

News of the Festival in our village, and the arrival of our King and Queen has traveled far and wide. The Princess Court are princesses and princes from kingdoms both neighboring and afar who have heard that the English royalty are visiting this village, and have come to celebrate the Festival.

The international members of this royal sorority are always up for a party and some shenanigans.

They have claimed the Palace Gardens as their own, and are eager to share their stories and activities with other visiting dignitaries, like you, and especially the young princes and princesses who have come to the Festival.

Kids Craft Corner

FREE Fairy Wand Making

Follow the trail of pixie dust to the Children’s Realm so your child can make a magical Fairy Wand with fairy friends!

FREE Pirate Hat Making

Ahoy Matey! So, Ye want ta look like a pirate aye? Join us daily in the Kids Craft Corner to fashion your very own pirate hat!