Joe Kudla And Mark Sieve, The Nationally Recognized Actors Who Originally Created And Played “Puke And Snot,” Started Appearing In The Streets And Paths At The Minnesota Renaissance Festival In 1973 Under The Names Mouldy & Wart. Their First Shows Were Largely Improvised Fifteen Minute Encounters That Often Included Unannounced Appearances And Spontaneous Audience Interactions. By 1975 They Had Changed Their Names To Puke And Snot And Were Joined At The Minnesota Festival By Penn And Teller. As The Years Passed, The Audiences Grew Larger, The Shows Longer, And They Had Started Appearing At Festivals In Texas, Colorado, California, Florida And Maryland.

By 1981, The Act Had Outgrown The Streets And Moved To The Stages. Joe Died Unexpectedly In 2008, But John Gamoke Assumed The Mantle As “Snot Jr.” And Performed Admirably For Ten Years. The Current Snot, Version 3.0, Is Scott Jorgenson, And The Show Continues Producing Large Laughs And Larger Crowds. Joe And Mark And John And Scott Have Recorded Five Cds, Two Dvds And Two Books Over The 45 Years Of Playing These Men In Tights, Still Providing Hilarity And Competent Swordsmanship Five Times A Day At The Legend Stage, And Are The Longest Running Comedy Act In North American Renaissance Festival History.